Wooden Dog Crates

Wooden Dog Crates

Reasons to Pick a Wooden Dog Crate

When buying a crate for your pet, it’s essential to approach it very seriously. It’s not something you buy daily, so make wise decisions. Wooden dog crates are generally more aesthetically appealing. Besides, they seem cozy and durable. There are lots of reasons to but it. However, there are some drawbacks to this choice, too. Today we’ll discuss why you should pick this material. We’ll also learn more about the popular models in this niche.

Top 3 Reasons to Pick Wood as the Main Material

First and foremost, wooden dog crates are likely to fit in the home aesthetics. Even if you see it as a relatively selfish reason, it still exists. Some crates may be created as a combination of wood and metal wires which look gorgeous. It’s up to you to decide but you are likely to agree that this kind seems more appealing than plain plastic. What’s more, durability is an obvious advantage. It’s far from the best option for traveling, but it’s a good choice to set up permanently at home. Once you install it in your house, it’ll serve you for years. Finally, you may get a waterproof crate. Since it’s resistant to various pests, odors, etc., you’ll easily clean it. You’ll just need some cleaning supplies and a bit of patience.

Most Popular Wooden Dog Crates

Probably the most popular choice is getting Petsfit Indoor Wooden Dog/Pet House with Wire Door. It’s neither a crate neither a doghouse. Yet, it’s stunning and affordable. Pleasant colors and reliable construction add confidence in the purchase. Together they make it worth your attention, especially if your pup is small. This crate has one drawback though is poor ventilation. Since the door is the only hole, it’s impossible to have any airflow. So, take into account that before you verify your order. Another great solution will be buying Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End Table. It looks chic and classic as it’s completely wooden. It’s not very big and will be a perfect solution if you have small- or medium-sized breeds. Among numerous advantages, you won’t fail to notice how well it looks with other furniture. Unlike the previously mentioned option, this one has lots of ventilation and a waterproof bottom. One only reason not to buy it is the possibility your pup will chew through it. Finally, there’s the Internet’s Best Wood & Wire Dog Crate with Cushion. Reliable construction and beautiful design that combines wood and metal wires attract your attention immediately. The peculiarity of this model is that it opens on both sides which secures good ventilation. You may place it conveniently either way. Pick from two colors. A cushion as a part of the set is a sweet touch. However, you are likely to change it soon after the purchase. As for the drawbacks, the size can be one. It’s a wonderful solution for small breed dogs and there is no model of the bigger size.

Final Thoughts

Well, now you know which wooden dog crates are the most popular nowadays. You can save some time and pick one of these 3 or look through the catalogs of options in different online stores. When making a choice, you’d better think about various details and factors as well as read the description carefully. It often provides lots of useful information. You may even find which breeds the crate was designed for.

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