Unique features of M&A software: the purpose of data room services

World experience shows that the number of mergers and acquisitions is growing, but often they do not give the desired effect and do not create added value for the owners of the acquiring company, although they take place under the conditions of a long and costly negotiation process on legal and financial issues. The question arises, why do M&A deals remain in demand when a huge proportion of such alliances fail economically? The facts show that the lack of guaranteed benefits and low probability of success does not serve as an obstacle to the implementation of transactions on mergers and acquisitions of companies.

Special Features of M&A Software

The merger of companies is an important stage in the M&A software, but no less important is the moment of alienation of assets – production lines, divisions, subsidiaries. In the event of a divestiture, the company sells part of its assets, and no new corporation is created. The parent company may decide to divest because the disposed of assets do not provide the required return. The reasons can be different: ineffective leadership, loss (lack of) synergistic effect, decrease (lack) of growth prospects, etc. Nevertheless, situations are possible when the company transfers part of the profitable production. As a rule, this may be due to the need to pay off an expensive loan or receive money to buy up their shares. We can also recommend cutting production or refusing to manufacture certain types of products.

Voluntary divisions of data room services, like amalgamations, should be assessed from the standpoint of increasing shareholder wealth. In the case of the sale of a part of the company, you need to know three parameters:

1) the amount of additional income;

2) directions of its expenditure;

3) change in the stochastic characteristics of the income stream as a result of the sale of part of the assets.

The Purpose of Data Room Services

The reason for data room services is a merger of two or more business entities based on mutual agreements between management and upon approval of this procedure by the shareholders of both companies, as a result of which a new business unit is created. When considering merger processes, we are talking about the emergence of a new market participant (a new legal entity). A distinction should be made between the merger of forms and the merger of assets.

This is a merger in which the merged companies cease to exist as autonomous legal entities, and the newly created company takes control and management of all assets and liabilities of the companies involved in the merger. The process of merging forms should not be confused with the process of joining, in which the enlarged company is renamed.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that there are no inherently equal mergers. In each specific case, we are initially talking about the combination of assets that are different in composition and market value, and, accordingly, a different degree of acquired control. As a rule, one of the parties to the transaction has a dominant position (within the merger process) due to its ownership of assets of higher value. To establish the parity of the participants in the merger transaction, the next stage in the merger is the process of consolidation, with the help of which the participants in the transaction bring the state to parity.

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