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Can Total AV Protect Your Laptop?

Total AV is a very well-known antivirus solution. It has had ups and downs along the way but recent independent testing labs have proven that it can be trusted. The results of the tests show very high levels of detecting malware and other types of threats. So, let’s find out how the company managed to reach this quality of protection as well as what it offers now.

A Brief Overview

Every Total AV antivirus review states how easy it is to install the program and how many operating systems it supports. Truly, the company manages to offer versions for Windows-running devices as well as users of Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

The next important thing you should take into account is the 2 major versions you can pick from. You can either get a free edition or buy the full version. They differ in the set of features and tools you get. Obviously, the premium paid version is sure to offer much more. While the free Total AV has only malware protection and some basic features, the upgraded version also delivers a VPN, optimization tools, Ad-Block Pro, etc.

Total AV managed to deliver a beautiful and user-friendly interface. Even a beginner will easily navigate all the modules and access the needed features. Right from the main window, a user can use shortcuts to some features and monitor to condition of every module. Antivirus, System Boost, Disk Cleaner, and Web Security are colored green when they work properly. In case action needs to be taken (like the verification of updates, cleaning the disk, etc.), the corresponding block will change to yellow or red.

Security Measures

Total AV runs on the SAVAPI engine that prevents Trojan, ransomware, spyware, and all sorts of malware from getting to your laptop. The program detects and removes malware, adware, spyware, etc. just in time because it monitors all the activities using Real-Time protection.

This antivirus also deals with phishing sites, suspicious downloads, and other potential threats. Using the Settings, every user can perform manual scans and set up regular scanning whenever it’s convenient. 

Additional Tools

Aside from good protection, the bundle delivers some extra tools and features to help a user stay anonymous and safe when surfing the Web. The main addition to Total AV includes:

  • Safe Site that monitors the sites you visit and warns you about suspicious ones.
  • Ad-Block Pro removes ads from the sites you visit which not only delivers a more pleasant experience (you see the clean site) but also prevents you from clicking on the ads and catching some viruses.
  • A VPN encrypts your online activities securing your anonymity. Another advantage of the tool is that you may access some restricted content.
  • A Password Manager keeps your passwords safe from spyware and hackers.

Customer Support

When choosing an antivirus, it’s important to access other aspects and services. For instance, you need to feel confident you can access tech support any time and fix any issue with the program. Total AV has an experienced team of professionals that work 24/7. They will quickly and efficiently solve your problems. You can reach them via live chat or phone and get rid of technical glitches, billing issues, etc.

Value for the Money

The pricing policy is another important aspect you must take into consideration. The best thing about Total AV is that you may download a free version without spending any money. If you need it, you’ll easily upgrade to get more features and tools.

However, before you make your payment, it’s better to read all the terms and conditions. It’s especially wise is you use promotion codes.