3 Types Of Encryption To Discuss With Your System Administrator

According to statistics, most data warehouse hacks are performed by directly copying information from a database or using unprotected backups or archives. Thus, most data storage systems like virtual data rooms use encryption to keep sensitive information secure. So, what are the main types of encryption?

What is encryption?

At the present stage of development of the industrial information society, automated systems for the transmission, storage, and processing of information based on the use of computer technology are becoming increasingly important.

When building electronic document management systems like virtual data room italia based on general-purpose communication channels, there are specific requirements related to the need to protect the information, such as ensuring confidentiality, integrity, data authorship, and so on. These requirements are complicated by the fact that the participants of the information exchange do not trust each other. In addition, information protection is necessary to ensure the operability of such automated systems.

Encryption is the reversible transformation of data in order to hide information. Encryption is performed using a cryptographic key. A key is a number of characters that are freely formed from characters that are available in the encryption system.

Cryptographic transformations are used to solve the following basic problems of information security:

  • ensuring the confidentiality of information, protection against unauthorized access to its content
  • control of information integrity
  • authentication of subjects and identification of objects of information exchange

Types of encryption

The problem of increasing the amount of encrypted information in cryptography is solved by increasing the speed of traditional methods of encryption on a secret key. However, the use of these methods in a constantly growing number of participants in joint work and complicate the organization of interaction between them, in particular the pair exchange of information, is ineffective. This is due to the fact that with the increase in the number of participants in the exchange of information, the number of secret keys increases quadratically.

Currently, a huge number of encryption methods have been proposed. These methods are mainly divided into:

Symmetric algorithms

Encryption and decryption keys in symmetric cryptosystems coincide or can be quite simply calculated. Such systems are used, for example, for secure exchange of keys on public communication channels, the source information is encrypted using a public key available to all users of some ITS, and is decrypted only by the network subscriber who has the appropriate secret key. Examples of symmetric ciphers are 3DES, RC6, XTEA, AES, DES.

Information in the virtual data roomis mostly protected by encryption according to the AES 256 algorithm ( American standard of encryption).

Asymmetric encryption

Asymmetric cryptographic algorithms for encryption and decryption use different keys: for encryption – open, for decryption – secret. The encryption key is known to everyone, but the conversion is irreversible, so the encrypted text can not be read by anyone but the recipient. There are the following kinds: RSA, DSA, Elgamal, ECC.

The advantage of such a method is that it provides a higher level of data security.Asymmetric encryption algorithms, as well as symmetric, are used to encrypt data sets, but their speed is much lower.

Algorithms of hash functions

Hashing s the transformation of the original information array of the arbitrary length bit string of fixed length. Algorithms of hash functions are many, and they differ in their characteristics – cryptocurrency, bit rate, computational complexity, etc.

Examples of hash algorithms include Adler-32, SHA-1, HAVAL, N-Hash, RIPEMD-160, RIPEMD-256, RIPEMD-320.

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